Comprehensive SEO Plans including SEO, Social Media and Content Writing Services

Comprehensive SEO Plan

Post-Panda…The only way to ethically achieve top results for competitive keywords. Content creation, social media & traffic generation at an affordable price

For the clients who want to take a holistic approach to their SEO and internet marketing strategies, our Comprehensive SEO Plan is the solution. Unlike traditional link building campaigns, this strategy hits all the latest hot buttons that Google and Bing are using for their formulas. Best of all, there is a huge ancillary benefit of this plan. The website receives increased website traffic from non-SEO sources such as:
  • Social media sites
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Article sharing sites
  • Press Release dissemination sites
  • Content syndication sites
  • RSS feeds

Fulfill 4 Marketing Objectives with 1 Plan

Our Plan will provide solutions for these 4 main objectives:

  1. Increase the # of targeted website visitors and therefore receive more qualified leads that will turn into sales.
  2. Be able to produce professional rich content on your websites AND disseminate that content on trusted websites such as Google News, Squidoo and other trusted sources.
  3. Provide an active Social Media presence on both Facebook and Twitter by posting fresh relevant content on them each week and driving more users to your sites.
  4. Provide quality unique content for your monthly Newsletter resulting in higher read rates and more click-through traffic to your sites.

What Results Can You Expect?

This project is all about generating and disseminating unique content to your own websites, social media websites, and other syndicated websites to drive more qualified traffic to your websites that will turn into more leads and sales. This process will lead to:

  1. Higher SEO rankings
  2. Industry authority
  3. Natural inbound links created by others, not you
  4. Link bait (unique content) to drive more traffic to your site
  5. More visitors to your sites from social media sites
  6. More leads and sales at a lower cost

Why Focus More Energy on Content Creation vs. Only Traditional Link Building Strategies?

As per the Google Webmaster Central Blog

  • Question: So how can you engage more users and potentially increase merit-based inbound links?
  • Answer: “Create unique and compelling content on your site and the web in general”

When this strategy is combined with high quality link building activities and content syndication, you will maximize the speed and effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Deliverables of the project include:

  • Articles are posted on your websites each week
  • Articles guaranteed to be included in Google News
  • Articles are submitted to and other top trusted content sites
  • Press Releases are submitted to online sites and syndicated
  • All articles are posted to Twitter as tweets with links to your site
  • All articles are posted to Facebook as posts on you Fan page with links to your site
  • Built in RSS article syndication tools added to your site so other people and websites can receive your article feed automatically
  • Social bookmark sharing tool included with each article so others can post links to your site from Digg, StumbleUpon, Blogger, etc
  • Email Marketing Newsletters can be included in the plan!

Monthly reporting includes:

  • Total site pages
  • Cached news pages
  • Caching frequency
  • Inbound links
  • Article and Press Release postings
  • Keyword placement
  • News aggregator inclusions
  • Additional reports from Google Analytics

What Does It Cost?

There are 2 parts of this project:

  • Content Writing
    a. Pricing based on # of articles and length of articles
    i. 25 articles per month@400 words each = $2000/month
    ii.50 articles per month@200 words each = $2000/month
  • Content Optimization on 3rd Party Sites
    a. Pricing for link building services based on # of articles
    i. 25 articles per month = $1,000/month
    ii. 50 articles per month = $1500/month

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